It is really awesome to spend the whole weekend or a few summer days together with your lovely family joining some outside activities as a camping trip for example. This will be the most relaxing and fun time for all members.

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Before enjoying the trip, you need to consider purchasing a suitable tent otherwise your whole family may “enjoy” the cold in the camping night. However, among many kinds of camping tents, what features should you consider before buying, here are some for you:

1. Berth:


The best comfortable tents’ berths make the best tents for families. The tent’s berth is large or narrow depends on the amount of your family members. It is usually that you should size up at least one or two people from what the tent’s information says, because you also need space for your luggage and stuff for camping. You may do not know how much stuffs you need for a family camping trip, so let’s count some spaces as much as possible to guarantee the convenience.

For example, if there are 3 people in your family, you need to purchase a tent for 4 ones. On the contrary, if you buy a three-person tent, it is rather “warm” two adults and one kid to spend those camping nights together.

2. Space/height:

Another feature that you need to think of is the height of your tent. You should choose the one that is high enough deftly lest some of your members have to crawl around the tent. Usually, you can take the height of the tallest member on your family and plus some more centimeters in order to make sure that every member is able to stand inside the tent.

Also, you need to consider how much space of the headroom should be.

3. Material:

Most of the tents’ materials are nylon while the bell tents use canvas. Each material has its own pros and cons that you have to think clearly before choosing. While canvas tent is cooler, the nylon one can offer you a cheaper price on the market.

Besides some main features that you need to consider purchasing the camping tent, there are some other extra features that you need to think about:

4. Ground sheet:

ground-sheetThere are two kinds of ground sheet, which are integral and separate ones. Like the materials of the tents, these have their own benefits. For example, the integral ground sheet keeps the bugs out while the separate one is clip-resistance and dry.

5. Footprint and awning:

This is not very essential; however, if you want your tent to be warmer and more waterproof, you can add a footprint just as an extra layer. Also, a footprint and awning can offer you a suitable place to put your shoes on, keep them clean and be wet if it rain.

6. Carpet:

Some kinds of tents have the carpets which have the perfect fit with them is available on the set when buying. Like the footprints, they help to make your tent atmosphere warmer. Also, you can use them as the blanket picnic on the camping trip, which is very convenience.

Find a High-tech Workout That Works for You

Working up a cybersweat can be a good thing. If you understand what each machine can do to help keep you in shape.

Winter doldrums can put a kink into your fitness program. Indoor high-tech workouts, however, help keep you on the fitness track. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the most popular models.

1. Elliptical Machines – Up, Down, and Around

elliptical-machineElliptical training machines give you a fairly new type of aerobic workout. These machines combine the movement of a stair machine with the movement of a treadmill. This creates a circular motion, similar to what you would have if you were running up a flight of stairs. This is a low-impact exercise, and with your feet on the pedals, you can move both forward and backward.


The workout you get from an elliptical machine is excellent, since you get a good aerobic (cardiovascular) workout and muscle conditioning for your lower body (buttocks, thighs, and calves). Since this type of exercise also helps build muscle and bone, it is a good one to help prevent osteoporosis from developing. (It’s never too early to start protecting your bones.)


Using an elliptical machine can be difficult if you are not in good condition. You might want to start with walking, and then move to the elliptical workout.

2. Stepping Up

stepperStep machines give you an aerobic workout by creating a motion similar to climbing stairs. However, you do not jar your body as you would if you were climbing real stairs. Both of your feet stay on the pedals of the machine, so the workout is low-impact, which makes it easy on your joints.

High-tech advantage: You can change the intensity of the machine as you advance in strength and stamina.

The advantages and disadvantages of step machines are the same as those mentioned for elliptical machines.

3. Row, Row, Row Your Boat

rowing-machineRowing for fitness is a great way to get a total body workout. Rowing gives you both endurance training and strength training – a combination that you don’t find anywhere else.


Using a rowing machine indoors is as beneficial as rowing on water. Your upper and lower body get a great workout, including arms, shoulders, legs, stomach (abs), buttocks, and especially your back. Rowing is considered a low-impact exercise, so little stress is put on your joints.


While rowing on water can be difficult to master, rowing on a machine is pretty easy to do. However, when you are beginning, your upper arms and forearms may get tired very early, making it necessary to begin with shorter workouts and slowly progress to longer periods. For people with back problems, rowing may not be the best exercise.

4. Treadmills -High-tech Jogging

TreadmillsTreadmills come in all shapes and sizes – from the basic to the highly technical. Treadmills give you the opportunity to run, jog, or walk without worrying about the weather. With most treadmills, you can change the angle of the deck and the speed the belt moves. Some models let you select programs that vary the difficulty throughout the run. You can begin on a flat surface and move to a slightly inclined surface, running faster and then slowing down.


One of the main advantages to using a treadmill, rather than jogging outside, is that you can use it anytime. It offers a good aerobic workout and helps condition your lower body.


Being outdoors provides changing scenery along the way, while using a treadmill every day can become boring. You can help ease this problem by placing your treadmill in a place where you can see the television or listen to the radio while using it.

5. Cross-country Skiing Machines

Cross-country Skiing MachinesThese machines give you a total body workout that can be very challenging, especially when it comes to endurance. The pushing and gliding motion of cross-country skiing can be achieved using a ski machine.


Cross-country skiing gives your upper and lower body great conditioning workouts. Since cross-country skiing is low-impact, wear and tear of the joints is low. Cross-country skiing can also give you a great cardiovascular (aerobic) workout. Did you know that most of the very elite cross-country skiers have the greatest heart and lung capacities among athletes?


Cross-country skiing, either on snow or a machine, can be a bit difficult to master. But, don’t give up; take it slowly, and have someone demonstrate the technique to you.

6. On Your Own

Getting fit doesn’t mean that you have to belong to a health club or have lots of equipment at home. You can walk or jog anywhere. There are lots of resistance-type exercises you can do, such as push-ups or chin-ups, without high-tech machines – just by using the weight of your body as resistance.

If the weather isn’t cooperating, check out your local YMCA or school gym. Many are open during the weekends, and you can play a little one-on-one or gather a group together for a round of volleyball. Fitness doesn’t need a lot of expensive equipment. What it does need is consistency. That means doing something every day – whether it’s working up a cybersweat, walking, jogging, playing basketball, or doing some push-ups.

Snack attacks: can you make them work for you?

snacksIt can strike anytime and anyplace: in class, on the playing field, even in the safety of your own bed. No one is safe from its grasp. First comes a sensation of emptiness, then an involuntary licking of the lips, and finally an inability to concentrate. Off you go in search of something – anything – to satisfy your gnawing desire.

Ah, relief. You tear into that bag of chips or that box of cookies and all’s right with the world again. Nothing can touch you until the next snack attack.

Everyone enjoys a good snack, but guess who loves them most? Survey says: Teens do. According to a Gallup poll of kids ages 13 to 17, teens have a hard-core snacking habit.

The Gallup poll revealed that

  • 23 percent of teens eat “a great deal” of junk food in a typical week; 61 percent said they eat “some.”
  • 67 percent of teens buy junk food or soft drinks from vending machines at school.
  • 75 percent of teens who described themselves as overweight also reported buying junk food or soft drinks at school.

So what? Shouldn’t a kid be able to enjoy a candy bar or two without getting nabbed by the food police? Maybe. The problem, nutritionists say, is that all those hungry teens and all those sweet and salty snacks are adding up to a generation of dangerously overweight youth.

Carb Cravings

carbohydrateWhat makes so many snack foods junky? In many cases, the answer is carbs.

Carbohydrates are nutrients that provide energy for the body. The digestive system breaks them down into glucose, or blood sugar, the body’s main fuel. Carbohydrates are like “gasoline in a car,” Pat Vasconcellos, a Boston-based spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association (ADA), told Current Health. “Carbohydrates fuel the body, and kids need the fuel.”

Even though carbohydrates are an essential part of our diet, they are not all the same. Many of teens’ favorite snacks, such as cookies and doughnuts, are made from refined carbohydrates: carbohydrates that have been stripped of their fiber and nutrients.

What refined carbohydrates do have, however, is a lot of calories. Snacks made from refined carbohydrates are full of “empty” calories. The snacks are easy to overeat because they taste good and are digested quickly. In fact, they release their energy too quickly, causing the body to hunger for more.

Unrefined carbohydrate products (products closer to the way nature made them), such as whole wheat, brown rice, and oatmeal, give a person a full feeling. These foods slow digestion by releasing their energy evenly over time.

Sugar, Sugar Everywhere

sugarEvery day, each American swallows an average of 41 teaspoons of mainly refined sugar. That is at least 31 teaspoons more than the amount recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Much of the sugar that Americans eat comes in the form of popular snack foods.

Even if a food label doesn’t list sugar, it may still contain refined sugars such as high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), an ingredient in many sweet snacks. Recently, HFCS has come under question as a result of a 2004 study reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study suggests that HFCS contributes to obesity because it is digested differently from other sugars. According to the researchers, HFCS can actually blunt a person’s ability to feel full, leading that person to eat more than he or she would normally.

Other evidence suggests that sugar can be as addictive as nicotine for some people. “A nonaddictive person will often eat some sugar food and will feel satisfied for a long period,” said addiction expert Janice Keller Phelps. “In contrast, the addictive person finds that something else happens. Feeling hungry, he or she eats a reasonable portion of sugar food but immediately wants more.”

In one study, rats fed excessive amounts of sugar developed a dependence on it, with symptoms of withdrawal similar to those of nicotine or drug addiction.

Snack Smart

So what’s the solution? No more soda? No more cookies? No one’s going to stick to that plan. In fact, studies show that eating a number of smaller meals during the day may be better for the body than eating three big meals. The key is to replace sugary and fatty snacks with healthful ones.

fruits-vegetablesThe best foods to snack on, say nutritionists, are fruits and vegetables. Those foods contain high amounts of fiber, vitamins, and minerals but are low in calories. Carrots, especially the baby ones, will satisfy your hunger and taste sweet. For another sweet treat, try peach slices on whole wheat toast smeared with a thin layer of peanut butter and honey.

Nuts and seeds (preferably unsalted) are also healthful snacks. They contain protein, which helps a person feel full longer. Just be careful to eat nuts and seeds in moderation, since they can be high in calories.

Do research on other healthful snacks that seem more like treats. You may be surprised by the ease with which you can snack on healthful foods instead of unhealthful ones. The result will be a healthier, happier you.


Restful sleep is important for good health yet many people who practice a lot of health care methods seem to take care of their sleep indifferently. Maybe they do not realize that a good sleep helps the brain and the body rejuvenate much more than a regular sleep does. Thus, we highly recommend you to prepare properly for your sleep each night.

11According to The National Sleep Foundation, the bedding plays a very essential part in achieving a good night’s sleep (http://sleepfoundation.org/healthy-sleep-tips). And when it comes to bedding, comforter is the hardest item to make a purchasing choice. The first question would be “Are down comforters or synthetic comforters better?” Well, they have different pros and cons of fluffiness, warmth, and price. But since we are aiming for the absolute comfort, the following suggestions are for the best down comforter.

  • The best ones for economic choices

Quality comforters are not always compulsory to be expensive. We would like to split the suggestions into economic ones and luxurious ones. With a budget below $300, you can purchase the following down comforters:

1. Pinzon Pyrenees White Goose Down Comforter


 This comfort is a best-seller on Amazon for good reasons. It has decent features such as baffle boxes construction, high fill power (600), and 1 inch gussested side wall. This means it is prevented from getting clumped and shifted, has the comfort level as twice more expensive products and its feathers can fully expand thanks to the size wall. The Pinzon Pyreness White Goose Down Comforter can be purchased at a very budget-friendly price of $244.99.

  • Pros

-Standard year-round comforter as an extra-warm model.

-Easy to wash at home

-Covered under Amazon returns and exchanges guarantee

  • Cons

-Not a genuine product of Pinzon.

2. Pacific Coast Grandia Classic Weight Year Round Comforter


This Grandia Classic Weight Comforter is one of the exceptional hypoallegenic down comforters on the market. This set you free from worries of your allegry to down while you still get the fluffiness of 100% pure goose down. The comforter has “year round” in its name inferring it is warm enough for the winter and light enough for the summer. Its prices range from $180 to $240 depending on the size.

  • Pros

-High quality materials

-Fine fill powers for an economic down comforter.

-Variable size from twin to king.

  • Cons

– Box stiching (easier to get shifted)

– Difficult to wash at home.

3. The best ones for a higher budget: Pacific Coast Luxury Goose Down Comforter

44Less people are willing to pay thousands of dollar for their bedding so this is the single recommendation from us. You can always find out more comforter of the expensive range on the Amazon’s list page of luxurious comforters.

When we talk about “a higher budget”, we still want to offer you an affordable recomendation with high end features. The Pacific Coast Luxury Goose Down Comfort has the fill power 700 with the highest quaility down which you will find in an eider down comforter (may cost up to $1000). It is also allergy-free guaranteed and with “luxury” in its name, this comforter receive high quality craftmanship to ensure it is one of the warmest and most comfortable product. The prices on the market now range from$599.00 to $699.00 depending on the size.

  • Pros

-Baffle box construction

-Comfort lock

  • Cons

In its price range, it has nothing to be complained.

Tips for a simple, quick and healthy meal

Recently, a modern lifestyle seems to equal a busy or flexible schedule. A lot of people do not enjoy spending too much time in the kitchen, even women. Many do not take interest in complex, gourmet, restaurant-quality dishes; they only want something enough to fill the stomach, give them enough energy to work. A lot of people want to have simple and quick meals, which do not take much time to prepare, to cook and to eat.

However, a simple and quick meal does not have to be an unhealthy meal. Do not just go for takeout, processed or fast foods all the time, no matter how busy you are. Spare a few minutes for the kitchen since there are homemade stuffs that do not require much time and skills and still do you good. Here are things you can try:

1. Choose salad as the main dish:

Choose-salad-as-the-main-dishSalads (http://www.cookinglight.com/food/quick-healthy/20-minute-salad-recipes) are very easy to eat and to make. Still, they are light, cool and delicious and can be as nutritious as you want them to be. The main ingredients are salad greens. You can have spinach as an alternative.

To prepare, just wash the salad or spinach and put them all in a bowl. Add ingredients to your likings and toss. You can have different kinds of dressings such as vinaigrette, ranch dressing or Italian dressings. Some of them you can buy in bottles. Add whatever you like such as carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, boiled chickens or shrimps, toss and dig in.

2. Go for precooked meats:

Nowadays, understanding the need for quick meal, supermarkets and grocery delis have a variety of precooked meats for you to choose from. You can buy a whole roasted chicken or turkeys or fried chicken wings or grilled chicken breasts. You can even get precooked beefs or shrimps if you want. Since meats are the kings of the whole meals, you can save a lot of time if you buy them precooked, though they might not be cooked the way you’d like.

3. Be a vegetarian:

Since preparing meats takes a lot of time, you can just skip that part. Vegetarian(http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/quick-veggie) foods are faster to cook, lighter to eat and everybody wants some changes after going from KFCs to McDonalds, from pork to beef, from seafood to birds.

Beans, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and beansprouts are good choices. You can have the ingredients processed beforehand to save more time. Soya-cake is also recommended.

4. Go for stove-top meals:

Go-for-stove-top-meals-300x199As you can see from all the recommendations in those stove and best induction cookware, with the advanced technology, you can prepare food in a much easier, simpler and safer way. Go with a non-stick frying pan if you want to save the washing time too.

You can make omelets to eat with cucumbers, a few spinach leaves and tomatoes. If you have some cooked rice left from the last meals, try frying them with added ingredients such as eggs, peas or seaweeds. You can also make sandwiches for a quick eating and no washing needed.

5. Keep in mind that quick meals are the reasons why we have microwaves:

With a microwave, you can prepare or reheat foods at a much faster speed. You can go for nachos by putting tortilla chips, canned beans, cheese, tomatoes, onions, chickens all on a plate (it should be safe to use for a microwave, though) and cook for no more than 2 minutes on high.

With a microwave (http://www.foodnetwork.co.uk/article/quick-microwave-desserts-lazy-people.html),you can use to heat quite a variety of canned foods or leftover foods. Combine them wisely so that you can have a delicious meal. Just keep in minds that containers like dishes and bowls have to be microwave-safe and there are things that are not meant to be put in microwaves, eggs for example.


Nowadays, with the technology of induction and electronics, you can make foods very quickly and still pay attention to the nutrients and health benefits. Just remember that you do not have to choose between the twos: health or convenience. Get rid of the ideas that breakfast should be the only quick meal of a day. Quite the contrary, you have to take extra care with breakfast and go light with the others.

Be smart with your food selections if you decide on a simple and fast meal. And keep in mind that you cannot ask for restaurant-quality food when you go for simplicity, quickness and homemade products. You can always go to a restaurant instead.

Common mistakes with breakfast you should avoid

Breakfast is the first and the most important meal of a day. It provides you with energy which has been drained from you since last night’s dinner. Since morning is a busy time, many people do not have as much regard for breakfast as its importance deserves. There are many who go as far as skipping breakfast, which does not do them any good since they will be working on no energy at all.

According to nutritionists and doctors’ advices, breakfast should consist of many groups of foods: grain, lean meat, vegetables, dairy and fruit. There are many people who get the wrong ideas about breakfast, which do them harm. Here is the list of some common mistake that you should avoid.

1. Eating breakfast long after waking up:

Eating-breakfast-long-after-waking-upThere is usually a lot of work in the morning. You have to brush your teeth, iron your clothes, tidy yourself up and maybe help your kids dress up and take them to school. Still, you have to get to work in time. Therefore, many people only eat breakfast after finishing all that stuffs or eat in the break at workplaces, which only happens more than 2 hours after they leave their beds.

That is not good, for eating too late mess up your body’s biorhythm, which does harm to your digestion system (your stomach, to be specific) and makes you lose your appetite for lunch.

Therefore, you should eat breakfast 30 minutes – 1 hour after waking up. There should be 4 to 5 hours between breakfast time and lunch time so that the food has time to be digested properly.

2. Only drink milk for breakfast:

A glass of milk cannot be considered a breakfast. Though milk companies usually advertise their products as an alternative to a full meal with all the necessary nutrients, you should not believe it, especially if you are a parent. Since kids can be quite picky and making them eat can take a lot of time, many parents let them drink milk instead, thinking that way is still enough and much more convenient.

According to nutritionists, you should only drink meal after finishing your real breakfast when you are no longer hungry. Drinking milk with an empty stomach can make you feel tired and unwell. Also, the strong spasm of an empty stomach makes almost all the milk go to the intestines undigested.

3. Eating fast food or snacks:

Eating-fast-food-or-snacks-300x199Many moms have in the cupboards at home boxes of cookies, snacks or quickly buy some hamburgers or French fries on the way to their kids’ schools. They think that those fast foods (http://www.beliefnet.com/Wellness/Health/Healthy-Living/10-Ways-to-Avoid-Eating-Fast-Food.aspx) and snacks are quick to get and easy to eat for kids.

However, these kinds of foods come with lots of energy but lacking in the department of vitamins and minerals. They are quite the burden for the stomach to bear in the morning. Therefore, if choosing fast foods for a convenient and fast breakfast, you should add some kinds of fruits or vegetables soup to the meal. An apple will do, too.

4. Keeping it simple with just one or 2 things:

Almost everybody thinks that breakfast should be as fast as possible. Considering the busy schedule of a day, of course nobody will want to spend more time than the least possible. However, a breakfast should include many groups of foods: lean meat, dairy, vegetables, fruit.

Here is some basic knowledge about the kinds of nutrients different groups of foods will provide:

  • Protein(http://www.rd.com/slideshows/high-protein-breakfast-ideas/) and iron is included in foods such as lean meat, fish, eggs and different kinds of peas and beans. Protein is the main things that will make you feel full. Iron is the key element of hemoglobin. Lack of iron will lead to lack of blood, which will make you feel dizzy, hard to concentrate. The symptoms can be worse for women.
  • Carbohydrates can be found in rice, congee, potatoes and noodles… Carbohydrates are the main source of your body’s energy for all your work and activities.
  • Fruit and vegetables provide you with vitamins and fiber.
  • Dairy foods contain many essential vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and calcium.


Overall, you should never ever skip breakfast, even when you are on a diet or trying to lose weight(6 things every woman should know about losing weight). Vegetables and fruit are highly recommended for women who are working towards a slimmer body.

You should consider making breakfast at home. Homemade foods are always safer, more delicious and of higher quality. You should prepare the ingredients beforehand so that you can make breakfast quickly (http://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/recipe-collections-favorites/healthy-meals/breakfast-to-go).Do not go for something which contains much fat. Fruit and vegetables are indispensable.

6 things every woman should know about losing weight

Every woman desire an ideal figure but many find that their figure is far from being their ideal. Therefore, losing weight has become many women’s every day’s battle. If you are one of those that set achieving a slimmer body a long-term goal, you must have known that the road to that goal is tough and full of obstacle. There is a high chance that you have tried asking all around, applying all kinds of methods and yet that goal still seems so far and unattainable.

If you have experienced the terrible feeling of standing on a scale after a long period of harsh refraining and strict discipline and finding out that your weight has not reached what you have set out to reach, then these below tips might help you get over it and achieve your goal successfully.

1. Losing weight is never a straight road:

Losing-weight-is-never-a-straight-roadEven when you have gone for the right method and constantly followed it through, you still can get your weight to decline steadily as you have scheduled it to. There is a high chance that you will gain some weight losses then the next time there is no loss but weight. That tiring and stressful cycle can keep repeating a few times before you can reach the weight you want.

There is a perfectly logical reason to what you experience during the process of losing weight: because of your period. Before women have their periods, the level of serotonin in their bodies will be lower than usual. That is when you tend to feel appetitive and therefore eat more than you want to. That is something researchers have proved through countless researches.

As a result, your weight will kind of fluctuate through times. You should know that our system tend to protect ourselves against losing weights more than against gaining weights. That is the reason why your weight cannot decrease as quickly as you desire and you can get frustrated when you feel your struggle is futile.

2. You have to be ready to face failure

You-have-to-be-ready-to-face-failureLosing weight does not come easily and simply through eating less and exercising more. You will have to experience the feeling of not being able to attain what you want after so much difficulty and trying. However, you should never lose sight of yourself and what you are after. Do not be so harsh on yourself when you experience some setbacks.

You should never let yourself feel defeated and give up. That depressing feeling of being defeated can lead you to gain even more weight than when you first start your trial.

3. Go easy on yourself

Women who want to lose weight usually push themselves too hard. They put themselves under constant pressure of not being able to afford failure. Sometimes, they even pour criticizing and negative comment on themselves. That is not going to get you anywhere besides hurting yourself.

A too strict, unnecessarily strict diet and schedule is very hard to follow through. Therefore, you should not raise the bar too high then blame yourself when you are not up to the challenge. Do not think that your resolve is too weak. Do not deprive yourself of just a little bit of sweetness when life gets hard. You should be more forgiving towards yourself.

First and foremost, you have to learn to love and treasure yourself. Just by really taking care of yourself, you can get your desired result.

4. Outsiders can sometimes tempt you into a regrettable act:

That is a very common thing that women who are trying to lose weight experience. While many people tries to encourage you by saying that you look fine, you seem to have lost some weight already… there are many people, may be not so heartlessly but carelessly tempt you into regrettable acts. They might say that just a bit is fine, ask you to accompany them when they are out eating or invite you to some kind of buffet party…

You have to be ready to say no(http://www.webmd.com/diet/obesity/how-say-no-food-pushers) to such offer. Do not be afraid that you will offend them. If they really care for you, they will definitely understand. Supportive family members and friends are important to a success.

5. Be careful of your eating habit:

Be-careful-of-your-eating-habitYou have to pay extra attention to the amount of calories each kind of meals contain and the options you should take when choosing food. Many people have the habit of eating sweet stuffs when they feel sad or rejected. Chocolate is a popular choice for hard times when people feel down. Or maybe you always love an afternoon snack to cheer you up in-between work.

This is time you try to prevent yourself from those habits. Get your friends and families to remind you to steer away from in-between meal or midnightsnack(http://www.wikihow.com/Stop-Snacking-Between-Meals).Try to cheer yourself up with the company of your friends or a book or a movie or a song, not food. You might be surprised that there are so many better choices.

6. Get enough sleep:

Staying up too late at night can result in your body secreting more ghrelin (http://www.webmd.com/diet/your-hunger-hormones),which is a hormone that makes you feel hungry. In the end, you will eat more that you need to. Lack of sleep obstructs fat loss progress and results in lean body mass loss, which very harmful to your health. Getting enough sleep means you will feel happier and easier to refrain from getting all those tempting cakes and candies.


Everybody wants to go the easy way. However, there is no easy way for you to lose your weight healthily. You have to understand that losing weight is a long-term struggle. If you can lose weight effectively with the right method, you can control your weight better after the process and avoid regaining weight.

Food fight: lawsuit claims fast food is hazardous to your health

IF YOU ATE burgers and fries every day and it ruined your health, whose fault would it be? Most people would say it was your own fault–after all, no one forced you to eat all those Big Macs or Whoppers, right?


Wrong, says Caesar Barber, a 56-year-old New York maintenance worker. Barber recently decided to sue four fast-food companies, including Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and KFC, because of illnesses he claims are a result of regularly eating fast food.

Barber said that eating fast food five times a week led to his obesity, high-blood pressure, two heart attacks, and diabetes. “I trace it all back to the high fat, grease, and salt–there was no fast food I didn’t eat, and I ate it more often than not,” said Barber.

Legal Grilling

Barber’s lawyer, Samuel Hirsch, said that after eating fast food several times a week, Barber developed a craving for the food that is similar to an addiction to tobacco. “It’s an addiction that is formed as a result of craving after a constant diet of fast-food junk,” said Hirsch.

Kelly Brownell, director of Yale University’s Center for Eating and Weight Disorders, agrees with Hirsch. Brownell said, “Fast food is in the same league with cigarettes.”

Hirsch also claims that fast-food chains do not warn consumers enough about the dangers of their products. Hirsch said, “Fast-food chains failed to disclose the contents in terms of calories, fat grams, and sodium. Even when posted, the information is not easily understandable to the public.” Hirsch suggested that fast-food chains should post health warnings on food containers that are more explicit.

On the Flip Side

Fast-food company executives argue that it is nonsense for Barber to blame them for his health problems. National Restaurant Association representative Katharine Kim said that Barber’s biggest problem is his lack of restraint when it comes to food. “The lawsuit is senseless, baseless, and ridiculous. There are choices in restaurants, and people can make these choices, and there’s a little personal responsibility as well,” said Kim.

Walter Olson, a legal adviser, added, “Most people are aware that eating double cheeseburgers … is not the same as celery.”

As to the claim that they should post nutrition warnings, officials from the four companies say they have done so in their restaurants and on their Web sites since 1990, in accordance with the Nutritional Labeling and Education Act passed by Congress.

If you were the judge in this case, what would be your decision?

Get Talking

fast-foodBefore reading the story, ask students: how often do you eat out at fast food restaurants? Do you know the nutritional information of the fast food that you eat?

Fast Facts

* According to a December 2001 report by the U.S. Surgeon General’s office, today, one in four American adults is obese–almost twice the number of the rate in 1980. Jeffrey P. Koplan, director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said, “Overweight and physical inactivity account for more than 300,000 premature deaths each year in the U.S., second only to tobacco-related deaths.

* The American Obesity Association warns that obesity can lead to potentially dangerous conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and osteoarthritis. The surgeon general’s report also noted that health care costs due to obesity issues are estimated at $117 billion a year.

Doing More

Find out what’s in the food you eat. Check out the web sites of your favorite fast food companies (below) and compare the calories, fat, grams, and nutritional value of the food items. Report your findings to the class.

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The Advantages Spin Bikes Bring To Your Health

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The Advantages Spin Bikes Bring To Your Health

Nowadays, people often practice exercises based on a variety of indoor bikes. For instant, they can pick up different types of device that suit the practicing among those indoor devices. There are two main things people can get from using these machines. First, they are easy to use and help reducing a greater amount of calories to make people become thinner. Second, you will find it easy to achieve the good results because the machines allow you to perform the ankle joint and the calves in a right way.

spin-bikeThere are three main parts of one spin bike machine include seat, paddle and handlebars; these parts are designed in a shape of a normal bicycle. With the common design of this machine, people will know that it is an exercise equipment, not a thing which is usead for transportation. In some recent spin bikes with modern design, they are equipped with supporting parts so that users can follow the workout process more easily.

From the picture, users can manage the distance and average speed they have experienced through one sensor screen. Users can follow the specifications during the fitness process. These days, when people want to buy a spin bike that can meet all their demands, they will have to pick up one among various models from the store. Here are some useful guide with some spin bike reviews for you.

A lot of people often ask themselves why they should buy a spin bike at home for the practicing process. In fact, there are various advantages that people can get when cycling regularly on a spin bike.

  1. It is not only helpful for women in losing weight but also strengthen other muscular parts.
  2. Strengthen the lung and heart efficiently.
  3. Improve the blood circulation. On the other hand, people can lower the level of diabetes and blood pressure.
  4. People don’t have to worry about the weather outside when having a spin bike machine equipped in their practicing room. In addition, it is not essential to manage which time for practicing outside the house for every week anymore.
  5. One great thing that a spin bike can bring to you is that you can both perform a variety of exercises and interesting shows on TV at the same time without being interrupted by anything.

Based on a variety of workout targets, spin bike is divided into three main groups so as to make it simple for individual to know clearer include:

spin-bike1• Upright – In an upright model, the pedals are designed at the bottom of the machine. In addition, the seat is placed in a higher position compared to other types of bike. One disadvantage of this upright bike is that it doesn’t have a part for supporting users’ back and the size of seat is very small.

• Recumbent – This type of bike has a larger size of seat than the upright bike. To illustrate, its seat is placed in an inclined position. Different from the upright bike, this model has one part for supporting the back throughout the fitness process.
When using the recumbent bike, users must utilize all the muscles in their back and buttocks which results in perfect body shape. You should keep in mind these information mentioned above if you have some back issues.

• Spinner – The design of spinner bike and racing road bike are the same. Therefore, people who are familiar with racing road bike will find this model very easy to use. This type of bike has the seat and handlebars placed in the same height. In other models, the position of handlebars is lower than the seat so that people can use spinner bike for various riding position. Also, it requires users to put more effort during the practicing process. Among three main types of practicing bicycles, a spinner machine is known as the model which provide the most intense workouts.

It is very important that people must always check the effectiveness and quality of one exercising bicycle which they want to get from the store. In addition, users will find it very convenient for achieving all of the targets if they have one practicing machine at home. Therefore, before buying a spin bike, keep in mind that you should go through carefully all the important features and specifications of it. Pick up one type of spin bike that fill your practicing process with best results.



Fitness is a term used in genetics and evolutionary biology, to indicate the contribution of the genotype (i.e., the specific genetic information encoded in the DNA of an organism) of a particular individual to the next generation of its population, in comparison to the contribution of other genotypes. (The term fitness is also sometimes used in reference to a particular allele, i.e., to one of two or more possible combinations of DNA comprising the information of a specific gene.)

All individual organisms eventually die. However, according to evolutionary theory, individuals can continue to influence the evolution of their population and species, if they have passed as much as possible of their genetic information on to succeeding generations, that is, by having a high fitness.

The fitness of an organism is related to the degree to which it is adapted to its environmental and social circumstances. An adaptation is a characteristic that enhances the probability of an individual passing its genes along to its descendents, who may then pass their genetic legacy on to their own progeny, and so on. Adaptations can involve traits that are anatomical, physiological, or behavioral, and they may be due to simple genetic attributes (such as a single gene), or be under the control of numerous genes.

Often, adaptations also enhance an individual’s chances of surviving for a relatively long time, although this is not a necessary condition for it to have a high level of fitness (which keys on the organism passing its genetic information on to the next generation, and not necessarily on its own longevity). In fact, in many species, individuals die as soon as they manage to reproduce, as is the case of annual plants and Pacific salmon.

The notion of fitness has also been extended to groups of closely related individuals, through the theory of kin selection. According to this idea, an individual can increase its own “inclusive fitness” by fostering the fitness of closely related individuals, with which it shares a high degree of genetic information (such as its parents, sisters and brothers, and even cousins and nieces). Kin selection has been used to explain the occurrence of so-called “altruistic” (or helping) behavior in many species.

Examples include the tendency of younger progeny of Florida scrub jays (Aphelocoma caerulescens) to help in the rearing of their younger siblings, and of social insects such as ants, bees, and termites to cooperate in colonies. In all of these cases, the reproduction of selected individuals is supported by the work of other, closely related, non-breeding individuals, who have an evolutionary stake in the breeding success of the group, through their inclusive fitness.

Fitness and adaptations are not the only factors influencing the evolution of populations and species. In some cases, apparently unpredictable environmental catastrophes, such as a forest fire or hurricane, may result in the survival of some individuals rather than others. Over the longer term, however, fitness and adaptation are thought to be the major forces driving evolution.